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Our Team

People and their integrity our main value

IBERDROLA's human workforce has been growing significantly over the past decade. After friendly integrations of Scottish Power, Energy East (now IBERDROLA USA) and the Brazilian Elektro, the amount of personnel working at the Group has reached a figure of 28,186Note (1) employees in nearly 40 countries.

This multicultural group responds to the commitment we have to our main value: people and their integrity. Thus, here at IBERDROLA, we undertake measures favouring:

  • Reconcilement of family and professional life:
    • IBERDROLA was the first IBEX-35 company to implement a shorter workday with no lunch break in Spain.
    • As a Family-Friendly Company, IBERDROLA has also set up a School for Parents aimed at enhancing the parent-child-company relationship so that work-life balance can be understood from a responsible perspective.
  • Ongoing training. At IBERDROLA, we work so that our employees can secure the training they need not only for meeting the current requirements for their job description, but also for satisfying future needs. In 2013, IBERDROLA imparted over 1.2 million hours of training to its employees, reaching 90% of the staff. In addition to internal promotions (nearly 2,400 in 2013), the Group fostered family-professional reconciliation and mobility.

These commitments to our human workforce aim at forging a higher quality work environment governed by the following principles:


LOYALTY The search to match the interests of the company with those of the employee, thus generating reciprocal confidence
TEAM SPIRIT Creation of teams from a foundation of trust, credibility and example, fostering communication and mutual support
WORK Creating the maximum value for our clients, shareholders, professionals and the company overall
CAPACITY Knowledge, combined with commitment and getting results constitutes our competitive edge. Everyone shares the responsibility for seeking to enhance and evoke the best not only from ourselves but also from our collaborators
HONESTY Creating value for everyone in a sustainable way requires ethical, honest and socially-responsible actions

These principles, together with the IBERDROLA´s commitment to quality employment, training and professional development, position us as the energy company favourite among employees (merco Personas Ranking 2014Note (2)), and as a socially committed 21st Century company (merco Responsables Ranking 2014Note (2)).

The actions of all the professionals who work for the Company, and particularly those related to the defence of human rights, are regulated by the Code of Ethics of Iberdrola, S.A. and its Group of Companies.

Likewise, the practices of the Company match:

  • The Global Compact
  • The OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises and the Tripartite Declaration of principles concerning multinational enterprises
  • The social policy of the International Labour Organization

These universal principles and the company's General Corporate Social Responsibility Policy [PDF] play a guiding role in the actions of IBERDROLA and its professionals to guarantee the eradication of any discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, gender, language, creed, political outlook, place of birth or social background, social status, origins, disability, health, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation or any other factor.

Further information can be found in both the 2014 Sustainability Report [PDF].


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