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IBERDROLA Art Collection

We are committed to art and determined to strengthen our sponsorship in a sustainable manner, supporting actions that preserve heritage of the past and promote artistic expression.

The IBERDROLA Art collection has been continually growing, and has received a major boost over the last seven years, having been rearranged and expanded. The works that make up the collection are arranged into three blocks in constant development, which illustrate and underline the three important stages of evolution of IBERDROLA as a company:

  • The Basque school of the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Spanish works of art from the second half of the 20th century to the present day.
  • International art with a special focus on other media (photography and video), reflecting the global expansion of the Company over the last decade.

We should also highlight the key presence of pieces from the cultural settings in which IBERDROLA operates, as a materialisation of the tight links that bond the company to those societies in which it is present. Lastly, light takes centre stage in all the works, both the light that reflects off the works themselves and the light that always shines within them.  

As a socially responsible company, sharing, disseminating and providing access to art is part of our commitment. Thus, they are frequently loaned out to museums and other institutions, and has been showcased to the public through a travelling exhibition entitled “Translucent skin”, which offered a selection of paintings, sculpture, photography and video from the IBERDROLA collection.

This growth has resulted IBERDROLA - ArtNote (*) a new website where you can meet all the collections, exhibitions and events come to pass, and the various sponsorship actions in the field of arts, IBERDROLA performed. You can also access this information through ourfree iPad App, which can be downloaded by capturing the QR code or visiting the iOS App StoreNote (*).

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  • Note (*) Spanish version.
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