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Iberdrola E-Billing: all your electricity and gas bills available on-line.

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Benefits, How to register ...


With Iberdrola’s E-Billing we both look after the environment and your procedures are more eco-friendly. We all win!

E-Billing offers many benefits, since it is:

  • Safe: protected by the electronic signature certificate of the Spanish Royal Mint (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), which grants this type of bill the same legal validity.
  • Fast: you can look it up as soon as it is issued from anywhere via de Internet, since we notify you by e-mail.
  • Convenient: all the bills are filed on the computer and can be checked at all times.
  • Free: there is no cost involved and you can cancel your registration at any time.
  • Eco-friendly, because by using it you help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

And now, with the new app for customers, you can access the My Customer Area directly from your mobile phone and manage your E-Billing anywhere, anytime. Now available in the markets. Sign up for the most convenient way to manage your energy.


Step 1. Registration in the Iberdrola My Customer Area

If you are already a user of the My Customer Area, access with your password to register for E-Billing as indicated in step 2.

If you are not yet a user, simply access the My Customer Area.

  • Fill in the registration form that appears and send the application.
  • To subscribe all your contracts to E-Billing easily and quickly, tick the “I want to subscribe all my contracts to E-Billing” checkbox.
  • Once sent, a screen will appear confirming the receipt of the application. Almost instantly, you will receive an e-mail with a link in order to obtain your username and password.
  • To complete the subscription you need to follow the instructions we'll send you to the e-mail address you provided.

Furthermore, the My Customer Area enables you to carry out all types of procedures related to your contracts, as well as to check the history log containing your bills, consumption and other information of interest.

Step 2. Registration for E-Billing

Once you have a username and password, you can view all of your contracts and subscribe the ones you want to the E-Billing service by clicking on the ''E-Billing'' box in the ''Subscription'' section.


Step 3. Receive the notification and check your bills

Each time a new invoice is issued for any of your contracts which have been subscribed to E-Billing, you will receive an "availability notice" by e-mail.

As of that moment, you may access the On-line Customer Office and view your bill, download it onto your computer or request a duplicate on paper, if you wish.


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