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Shareholder remuneration


The aim of the IBERDROLA Shareholder Remuneration Policy [PDF] is to establish a link between shareholder remuneration and the Company’s profit.

As long as circumstances justifying its amendment do not arise, shareholder remuneration (pay-out) should be sustainable, compatible with the maintenance of financial soundness and in line with the policy applied by companies with a similar business profile.

Based on these criteria, a pay-out has been established in the range from 65% to 75% of the consolidated net profit.

In addition to the distribution of dividends, the Board of Directors may propose to the Shareholders’ Meeting other remuneration options such as the “IBERDROLA Flexible Dividend” programme, that has been applied since 2010.

  • What dividends does IBERDROLA pay out?
    In accordance with the criteria set out in the Shareholder Remuneration Policy, as long as circumstances justifying its amendment do not arise, IBERDROLA has established a shareholder remuneration policy with a pay-out of between 65% and 75% of the consolidated net profit.
  • How often does IBERDROLA pay its shareholders remuneration?
    Traditionally, IBERDROLA pays its shareholder remuneration twice yearly: in January and July. 

For more information you can see the section Scrip Dividend: IBERDROLA Dividendo Flexible.

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