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Right to Receive Information

From the date of publication of the call to the General Shareholders’ Meeting through and including the fifth day prior to the date set for the meeting to be held on first call, the shareholders may request in writing the information or clarifications that they deem are required or ask the written questions that they deem relevant, regarding (i) the matters contained in the agenda for the meeting; (ii) information accessible to the public which has been provided by the Company to the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) since the holding of the last General Shareholders’ Meeting, and (iii) the auditor’s report.

Furthermore, during the General Shareholders’ Meeting, shareholders may verbally request such information or clarifications as they deem appropriate concerning the matters set forth in the preceding section.

The Board of Directors shall be required to provide the information requested pursuant to the two preceding sections in the form and within the periods set forth in the law, in these By-Laws, and in the Regulations for the General Shareholders’ Meeting, except in cases in which it is unnecessary for the protection of shareholder rights, there are objective reasons to believe that it might be used for ultra vires purposes, or that publication of the information might prejudice the Company or related companies. The information requested may not be denied if the request is supported by shareholders representing at least twenty-five per cent of the share capital. 

Moreover, the announcement of the call to General Shareholders’ Meeting shall state the means whereby any shareholder may obtain from the Company, without charge and on an inmediate basis, the documents that are to be submitted to the shareholders for the approval of the shareholders at the General Shareholders’ Meeting, as well as, if applicable, the management report and the audit report.

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