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DATE:  11/02/2016 TIME |  17:38h 5,925€ /-2,39%

Right to Attend

The Board of Directors actively promotes shareholder attendance at the General Shareholders’ Meeting and the possibility of shareholder participation therein, pursuant to the provisions of law and the Corporate Governance System.

Whenever reasonably possible, the Company endeavours to ensure that the premises at which the General Shareholders’ Meeting is held have the means to allow access by persons with reduced mobility and to provide the simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings into Euskera (Basque), English, and those other languages that the Board of Directors deems appropriate. The Company also establishes measures that facilitate attendance at and participation in the General Shareholders’ Meeting by shareholders with auditory or visual limitations.

In order to exercise this right, shareholders must cause the shares to be registered in their name in the corresponding book-entry register at least five days prior to the day on which the General Shareholders’ Meeting is to be held and must submit proof of their identity in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Implementation for the Management of the General Shareholders’ Meeting approved by the Board of Directors for each General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Generally, the presentation of a national identity document or any other official identification document that is generally accepted and that the Company deems appropriate for such purposes shall be sufficient. For corporate shareholders, the persons attending on their behalf must provide evidence of their representative authority.

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