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DATE:  11/02/2016 TIME |  17:38h 5,925€ /-2,39%
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Electronic Shareholder Forum

Pursuant to the provisions of law and the Corporate Governance System, Iberdrola has made available to duly authorised shareholders or groups of shareholders an Electronic Shareholder Forum, the Regulations [PDF] for which are posted on this website.

Use of the Electronic Shareholder Forum shall conform to the legal purpose thereof and to the guarantees and operating rules established by the Company.

Registered users may send communications for posting in the Forum exclusively dealing with:

  • Proposals sought to be submitted as a supplement to the agenda included in the call to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.
  • Solicitation of support for such proposals.
  • Initiatives to reach the percentage required to exercise a minority right as provided in the Law or in the Company’s Corporate Governance System.
  • Voluntary proxy offers or solicitations.

Communications sent to the Electronic Shareholder Forum shall not be deemed to be valid for the purpose of exercising, vis-à-vis the Company, the right to request the publication of a supplement to the call, to receive information, to proxy representation, to vote, or any other rights that may be exercised in connection with the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

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