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Electronic Shareholders’ Forum

In compliance with Section 528.2 of the Stock Companies Law (Ley de Sociedades de Capital), on November 23, 2010, the Board of Directors approved the Regulations for the Electronic Shareholders’ Forum [PDF], in order to facilitate communication among the shareholders of the Company at the time of the call to and until the holding of each General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Such Regulations govern the operation of the Company’s Electronic Shareholders’ Forum (the “Forum”) by the Company as well as the guarantees, terms and conditions for access and use thereof by the shareholders of the Company, and any voluntary association that may be formed in accordance with applicable law.

Accordingly, registered users may send communications for posting in the Forum exclusively dealing with:

  • Proposals sought to be submitted as a supplement to the agenda included in the call to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.
  • Solicitation of support for such proposals.
  • Initiatives to reach the percentage required to exercise a minority right as provided in the Law or in the Company’s Corporate Governance System.
  • Voluntary proxy offers or solicitations.

The “Shareholders' Rights and Duties” of this website contains a description of the rights and duties of the shareholders of the Company, as well as the conditions required for the exercise thereof, without prejudice to the provisions of applicable law in effect at any time or to those of the Corporate Governance System of the Company.

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