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Communication Channels with Shareholders and Investors

The Board of Directors establishes appropriate channels in order for the shareholders to be kept permanently informed and in order for them to submit proposals in connection with the management of the Company, in accordance with the law and the Corporate Governance System.

The Company maintains the following channels of communication with the shareholders for such purposes:

  • a) The Office of the Shareholder (Oficina del Accionista)

    The paramount purpose of the Office of the Shareholder is to act as an open, permanent, and transparent channel of communication with all the shareholders of the Company, through the ongoing development of initiatives calculated to strengthen such relationship in order for the shareholders to be kept continuously informed and in order for them to submit proposals regarding the management of the Company.
    The Office of the Shareholder is thus established to respond at all times and on an ongoing basis to the queries, questions, or suggestions of the shareholders through a toll-free telephone service line (900 100 019) and an e-mail address (, and is in contact with those shareholders who have voluntarily entered their names in its database. 
    The Office of the Shareholder shall endeavour, to the extent possible, to respond to the queries and requests made by registered shareholders, giving absolute priority to the furtherance of the corporate interest and complying with the law and the Corporate Governance System. It constitutes a permanent information system through which shareholders can inquire and stay updated about the status of the Group. To such end, and in keeping with the principles of transparency, equality, and symmetry in the dissemination of information, the replies and other documents that the Office of the Shareholder provides when it is able to comply with such requests shall be available to the public on the Company’s corporate website.

  • b) The Shareholders’ Club (Club del Accionista)

    The Shareholders’ Club is established as an open and permanent channel of communication between the Company and the shareholders who voluntarily become members thereof and are interested in closely following the Company’s performance. Thus, the telephone and e-mail service offered by the Office of the Shareholder is augmented by the mailing of other documents, such as annual reports, quarterly newsletters, notices sent to the CNMV, or daily closing market prices.

Besides, the Investor Relations Office, organised and managed by the Investor Relations Division, is responsible for the ongoing and individualised response to the queries of analysts and professional or qualified equity, fixed-income, and socially responsible investors, for which purpose it has an e-mail address (

The Company organises informational meetings regarding the status of the Company and the Group and other points of interest to analysts and qualified investors to give them suitable information regarding the Company. All of the foregoing is without prejudice to the strict observance by the Company of the principle of equal treatment of all shareholders in the same situation and who are not affected by any conflict of interest or competition.”

These communication channels and the functions, scope of application and means of contact are further developed in the Policy regarding the Provision of Information to and Communication with Shareholders and to the Markets [PDF].

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