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Latest Actions

In November 2015 we signed an agreement with the AECC in order to support research against cancer.

The capital city hosts
the Madrid Race and Walk against Cancer once more

On 26 March, we were again the main sponsor for the 4th Madrid Race and Walk against Cancer for raising funds and increasing aid for the AECC to continue with research against cancer. 15,000 people took part this year over three urban circuits measuring 2, 4 and 10 km. On the 4 km race, we were accompanied by the international triathletes Miriam Casillas and Inés Santiago, both members of the Universo Mujer programme. This is a project on which we collaborate with the National Sports Council to promote the participation of women in sport. Thanks to all of this year's runners. We have brought solidarity to the streets of Madrid one more time.

All together on World Cancer Day

On 4 February 2016, World Cancer Day, we collaborated with the AECC in another awareness-raising campaign. We asked our customers and citizens to help us create a "huge cancer awareness ribbon" at Opera Square in Madrid, as a symbol of the fight against cancer. We also encouraged them to share support messages on social networks to weave another "huge digital awareness ribbon". Iberdrola collected 20,000 euros for AECC thanks to the participation of those who went to Opera Square and those participating in the virtual initiative.Íñigo Alonso, Commercial Director of Iberdrola Spain and Portugal, handed over this amount to the Managing Director of AECC, Noema Paniagua, in an event held at the Iberdrola Building (Madrid), where the huge ribbon was unfurled again as a symbol of our support to the fight against cancer with research.

V Marcha Valladolid V Marcha Valladolid V Marcha Valladolid

The Fifth March against Cancer in Valladolid has been growing at great strides

This past October 23, we broke the standing participation record with the Fifth March against Cancer in Valladolid with 35,000 runners. Amongst the participants were 50 of our employees with their families while 10 Iberdrola volunteers collaborated at the "Iberdrola Space".

We are still growing in numbers in our march against cancer.

Always looking ahead

On April 17th, 2016, we sponsored the III Race Against Cancer that the AECC organized in Madrid to collect funds. We painted the Paseo de la Castellana green with 10.000 runners.

In June we repeated the race in Zaragoza and Teruel.

El jardín de la Esperanza El jardín de la Esperanza El jardín de la Esperanza

The garden of hope

On February 4th, 2016, the World Day Against Cancer, we launched along with the AECC the Garden of Hope.

This action's objective was to collect funds via a web where you could publish support messages.

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