If your business opens throughout the year in the morning and afternoon, the Commerce Plan is your best option: we adapt to your working day so you won't overspend.

From 10:00 to 14:00
and from 16:00 to 20:00

You can sign up at:

What benefits does the Commerce Plan offer your business?

Savings period:

Every day of the year.

Flexibility with no minimum commitment:

If the Commerce Plan does not fit the pace of your business, you can switch to another Plan at any time.


By signing up for any of our plans, you'll automatically enjoy all the benefits of E-Billing: check online; quickly, ecologically and free of charge.

Do you have a remotely managed smart meter?:

Only customers with a meter capable of remotely sending and receiving data can benefit from this plan. To check whether you have one, call your electricity company or, if you are an Iberdrola customer, call us on 900 24 24 24.

100% Green Energy

Enjoy 100% certified renewable energy, reduce your CO2 emissions and help.

Offer available for Businesses with contracted power less than or equal to 15 kW. Plus, it will be necessary to have a time-of-day rate. If you do not have this access tariff, Iberdrola will request the change from your distribution company, offsetting said cost. If you are interested in having a new access tariff based on your energy use pattern, the cost of the change will likewise be offset by Iberdrola Customers.

* The prices of the power and energy charges will be set for 12 months except for updates to regulated items and CPI. Indirect taxes, the electricity tax;(5.11269632%), reactive energy and all other billing items shown in the Particular Terms and Conditions will be added to these prices.