Electrical Emergencies

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Iberdrola Electrical Emergencies: assistance for electrical breakdowns in your home

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With the Electrical Emergencies service you can enjoy full peace of mind, since a technician will arrive at your home in less than 3 hours to sort out any electrical emergency, in the event of lack of electricity in the house or any of its rooms.

The service also includes:

  • Full coverage –materials, labour and travel expenses– for emergency repairs inside the house or premises, up to a €551 limit.
  • Service provided by specialised technicians.
  • 6 months warranty on work carried out.

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If you want to report an incident or make any enquiry related to the Electrical Emergencies service, you can call the Technical Support service at 900 22 45 22, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Electrical Emergencies service includes support in under 3 hours from the time the call is received for electrical emergencies in the customer's home in the event of lack of electricity in the house or any of its rooms.

The price is €1.99 a month (VAT not included) and the service is available for power under 15 kW.


In the event of an electrical emergency in the customer's private electricity network, the service covers the cost of the repair made by an electrician authorised by Iberdrola, up to the limit established in the individual conditions. The service guarantees a response time of under 3 hours from the time the customer's call is received. There are no deductibles, and a one-month grace period is established from the coming into force of the energy supply contract associated with this service.

Emergency means an unexpected and sudden event affecting the domestic electricity installation, which may result in the absence of electric power in the entire house or any of its rooms, excluding garages, storerooms, annexes, swimming pools and outdoor lighting.

The customer's private electricity network is defined in the Electrotechnical Regulations for Low Voltage, Royal Decree 842/2002, dated 2 August 2002, excluding the residents' association's network.

The service coverage includes:

  • Travel, parts, labour and taxes, up to the annual limit established in the particular conditions, with an unlimited number of repairs. When the repair requires the replacement of sockets, switches or other devices, they will be replaced with standard elements according to the electrician's decision, unless the Client pays for and supplies different spare parts. The service does not guarantee that the parts used for the repair will fit in with the decor of the home.
  • Six (6) months warranty for all repairs.

The scope of the service excludes the following:

  • Repairs of household appliances, electronic devices, computers, air conditioning equipment, pumps, heaters, motors, fans, generators, solar panels, antennas and any electrical appliance, whether integrated into the home's installations or not.
  • The repair or replacement of elements used for lighting, such as lamps, light bulbs or fluorescent tubes.
  • The repair of metering devices if they are owned by the electricity distribution company.
  • The repair of electrical faults which may occur outside the customer's private installations, as described earlier.
  • Consequential damages due to total or partial lack of electricity supply.
  • Damage caused intentionally or consented to by the customer.
  • Those cases where no fault is found.
  • Those cases where the conditions describing the fault as an emergency are not met.
  • Services in commercial or industrial installations and, in general, which do not correspond to the home referred to in the contract.
  • Services contracted at the customer's own risk, unless they have been authorised previously by Iberdrola.
  • The repair of installations that do not comply with regulations in force at the time of their completion.

Estimates for work that exceeds the limit

If the cost of the emergency repair exceeds the established limit, the customer will be charged for the additional cost. An estimate will be offered previously, detailing such cost. The customer must accept the estimate by signing it before the repair can be carried out.


Iberdrola shall provide the Electrical Emergencies service in accordance with the following conditions:

  • If it is found that the repair requested by the customer is not covered, because it is included in one of the aforementioned exclusions, the customer will be billed for the expenses incurred. Iberdrola shall be solely responsible for the correct execution of the work described in this contract.

Specifically, it shall not be responsible for:

  • Personal injury or material damage resulting from misuse or improper maintenance.
    • Damage caused to any element or its operation unless it is the cause of it.
    • Injury to third parties caused by the covered elements.
    • Acts of God and force majeure.
  • Iberdrola shall not be liable for delays or impediments in the execution of services in the event of strikes, riots, serious weather events and other events of force majeure.


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