Social Bonus for vulnerable consumers

The Social Bonus is a Government-regulated mechanism that seeks to protect vulnerable consumers with lower economic possibilities. The mechanism consists of applying a 25% discount on the total bill of customers who have signed up for the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (VPSC).

How do I apply for the Social Bonus?

If you meet any of the above requirements, you simply have to follow these steps:

  1. Form Complete this sign-up application form. We will send you the application forms by regular mail, which you will have to return to us together with the supporting documents.
  2. Sending of documentation Send all the documents listed in the Requirements section for the application through the following channels:
Customer Service telephone number 900 200 708

Consumers are required to inform us of any change that results in the loss of the right to receive the Social Bonus within one month of the date on which the change occurs. You can waive the Social Bonus by sending us the cancellation request document [PDF] duly completed through any of the following channels: