Habits also have their advantages. With the Choose 8 Hours Plan, you can save during the 8 hours of the day when you are the most active. You can fit your activities into a single period or divide them into two 4-hour periods.

8 hours in a row or 4 hours + 4 hours in different periods
All year

You can sign up at:

What benefits can you get with the Choose 8 Hours Plan?

If at least 60% of your consumption occurs during this
promotion period, this customised Plan for you

Promotion period

8 hours every day of the week for the entire year, all within a single time slot or split in two periods of 4 hours each.

Flexibility with no minimum commitment

If the Choose 8 Hours Plan you sign up for does not fully suit your needs, you can switch to a new Plan whenever you like.


By signing up for any of our plans, you'll automatically enjoy all the benefits of E-Billing: check online; quickly, ecologically and free of charge.

Do you have a self-managed smart meter?

Only customers with a meter capable of remotely sending and receiving data can benefit from this plan.

To check whether you have one, call your electricity company or, if you are our customer, call us at 900 24 24 24.

100% Green Energy

Enjoy 100% certified renewable energy, reduce your CO2 emissions and help.