The Consumption Monitor is a wireless electricity meter installed in the consumer unit that lets you see how much energy your household appliances are consuming in real time.

You can now get it for free signing up to any of our Pack Plans and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your electrical wiring and kitchen appliances are protected.

What we offer you

All the advantages of knowing your home's electricity consumption in detail, with the convenience of having the installation service of a professional included at an exceptional price of €186.05 (VAT included).

We also give you our full guarantee, just for being an Iberdrola customer.

Take advantage of the latest in technology and design, while saving on your bills.

* Promotion in the Consumption Monitor subject to a 24-month stay in the Electric Home Protection Service (€ 5.95 per month VAT not included) and in the Monitor Installation at the same time in the 'Tu Consumo' app of IBERDROLA.


Greater efficiency

Find out your home's real-time consumption while controlling the efficiency of your household appliances.

Save on your bills

By monitoring from the app, you can make a more efficient use of your energy and ultimately save on your bills.