Our aim is to bring about a situation in which the word "women's" is no longer the one that stands out in sporting news.

Women's Universe Tour: promoting women's sport.

They need to be heard, and we want to join in. For this reason, since 2016 we have been promoting the Women's Universe Tour with the aim of encouraging and developing women's sport. A sporting spectacle for enjoying sports activities and the great names in women's sport.
Nearly 20 cities have become the capitals of women's sport for a few days, with almost 10,000 people attending each one. All of them involved in the practise and exhibition of various disciplines. All of them heralding the successes of Spanish sportswomen.
None of this would have been possible without the involvement of the local councils, the Youth Sport Foundation, the CSD (The Spanish Sports Council) and the member federations of the Women's Universe programme. For our part, we could not be prouder of being the first Spanish company to undertake a global commitment to support the participation of women in all areas of sport. Long may it last!

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