We offer you a service that involves the long-term supply of heat (usually over a 10-year period). This service includes the replacement of the current installation with a new natural gas installation, offering a high energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

What services do we offer you?

Our service includes a personalised, free and no-obligation offer that will include many benefits for you

Do you want to benefit from this service?


Improved energy efficiency

Generating both heat and electricity in the same equipment increases the system's efficiency.


The energy balance of boiler installations shows a large reduction in the CO2 footprint when compared with conventional systems.

Improved technology

Boiler equipment uses the most advanced regulation and control technology.

No investment required

Iberdrola takes care of the investment needed for adapting the installation and processes the subsidies available for the change made.

Guaranteed equipment performance

You only pay for the amount of energy consumed, not for the fuel used. We take responsibility for any variations in the installation's performance.

24-hour Technical Support Service

Installations controlled by remote management systems. Customer service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with guaranteed response times.

Full warranty

We take care of any replacement or breakdown in the new installation so you don't have to pay for labour, travel expenses or replaced materials in the event of a repair.