We can give you advice on the best solutions for your needs

In any activity or service sector, lighting is one of the main sources of energy usage. Efficient lighting solutions will enable you to save substantial amounts of money while maintaining your comfort and satisfaction levels.

Efficient lighting projects involve a number of stages, in which we recommend the design and implementation of the most suitable solutions for each customer. This way, you can always take decisions regarding the scope of the analysis and choose between the different alternatives offered.

The main stages in the project are:

  • Step 1: First contact with the customer, identification of the characteristics of the premises and initial collection of existing data.
  • Step 2: Analysis of the existing installation (in the case of renovation).
  • Step 3: Initial diagnosis of the situation and preliminary report, if required, or recommendations for improvement.
  • Step 4: Offer preparation and submission.
  • Step 5: Negotiation and acceptance.
  • Step 6: Carrying out the service request.
  • Step 7: Iberdrola supplies the materials and, where appropriate, contacts an installation company.
  • Step 8: Implementation of the applicable solutions chosen by the customer.
  • Step 9: Invoicing and collection.