With this service you will have advice from specialist staff who will take your needs into account, study your case and make a turnkey offer for the best solution to protect your installation against transient and permanent surges.

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What does this service include?

Surge protection includes analysis and implementation of installations through the following activities:

Data collection

We'll glean all the information that might be of interest for the execution of the project (lightning conductor presence or coverage, risk of lightning strikes, surge categories of existing equipment, distances between the main surge arrester and the receivers to be protected, etc.).

Technical visits

We'll make a first-hand check of the facilities to ascertain its characteristics such as the rated voltage, pulse withstanding voltage, insulation coordination for equipment, connection type, proximity of transformer station, characteristics and size of the earthing network and grid type.


We analyse all the compiled information to have greater control and detect potential problems.

Recommendations report

We draw up a report with advice on the design and the most appropriate protection solutions in each case.


We take care of surge protection installation assembly, wiring and interconnection.


Commissioning and tests

After completing these steps, we engage our team in the project to optimise and render your facilities profitable.