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The new way of experiencing energy.
Compra energía por meses y ahorra en electricidad

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Elige el origen de tu energía

Choose the source of
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Utiliza tu paquete de energí­a donde quieras

Use it where you want

Controla y reduce tu consumo de luz desde tu móvil

Control everything
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Discover Energy Wallet from Iberdrola

It is quick and easy: just add your Energy Package to your basket and choose your payment method: up front, whilst you use the package or paying the same amount every month. What's more, by paying up front, your energy will cost you even less!

Analyse your consumption: See what you spend every day, and even every hour. Set challenges for consumption and compare periods with others and save.

You can also include Additional Services: from helping to fight cancer or insuring your electrical appliances, to taking out an insurance policy that pays your electricity for you if you become unemployed. Just add them to your own basket.

Choose the plant from which you'd like to receive your 100% renewable.Iberdrola will reserve the contracted amount of energy from that plant. In this way you'll be supporting the generation of clean energy!

If you have more than one home, add it to your Energy Wallet and kink your. It's that simple.

Check it in the same way: you can keep checking the consumption of each home together or separately.

Check how much you have left to consume: you can see how much time you have until your Energy Package runs out. Information is updated daily according to your real consumption so that you can be in control of your energy wherever you are.

Understand what you pay: We won't bore you with bills full of different items. You can check your balance and transactions at any time just like with your bank account.

Because it is 100% online, you can manage your Energy Package where and when you want.From the My Customer Area of Iberdrola's website or from the app for Iberdrola Customers, you can access whenever you want from your mobile or computer.

Friends always help each other!

Bring a friend along, give them your identity number and both get €25 discounts on your bills when you sign up for Energy Wallet

Choose your renewable plant

Enjoy 100% certified renewable energy(1),with Energy Wallet, reducing your CO2 emissions and so helping to take care of the environment.

And you can also choose which renewable plantyou want to generate the energy you sign up for, supporting the generation of clean energy.(2)

Energía 100% renovable - Aenor

(1) Certified energy with Guarantees of Origin issues by the CNMC (Spanish competition authority)
(2) Process certified by AENOR (Spanish certification association)

Discover how much some of our Energy Wallet clients pay

1 year package


And if you pre-pay


-30€ for new customers *

Contracted power: 5.75 kW. 4,909 kWh/year consumed.
These are the final prices: they include the cost of the energy and the cost of the Regulated Fixed Costs
(prices regulated from the Power charge plus the rental of the meter) including all taxes.
The choice of renewable plant may entail a small additional cost
For example, for the Dueñas Wind Farm you'd pay just €3 more

You also have 6-month and 2-year Packages at highly competitive prices.

These prices are final: they include the cost of the energy, the Fixed Regulated Costs (regulated Power Term prices plus the Meter Fee) with all taxes included.

Energy Wallet is very different from what you are used to.

We know that you have a lot of questions.

Discover all the

We calculate your package based on how much energy you need for the time that you want to buy and we recalculate each day what is left by taking into account what you have used.

The energy supplied to your home will be a combination of energy produced by the various plants connected to the grid.If you choose a plant when buying your Energy Package, Iberdrola will reserve that amount of energy at the chosen plant, and once it has been consumed, and once it has been consumed, it will allocate the actual generation of the plant to your home consumption by means of a process certified by AENOR

The supply is maintained at all times. After finishing the package, if you haven't bought another one, we will apply the standard price of the Energy Wallet until you buy another. Even so, we will let you know when there is a month to go, a week to go and when it has finished and you can always buy more packages before the one that you have runs out.

The package lasts until all of the bought energy is finished, even if it is more than the initially estimated time. You will never lose the energy that you have bought.

You can move whenever you want, without penalties. There is no retention clause. Besides, if you have prepaid, we will refund you the money that corresponds to the part of the energy that you haven't consumed up until that point.

Each package has a closed price. If you buy a 2-year package, you are going to avoid potential increases for all that time.

You will have very competitive prices (we invite you to check them), an excellent digital experience and you will also be able to take control of your energy.

We answer your questions