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Hide your blankets and forget about the cold

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Save money in the colder months...


Winter Plan

Winter is coming, but the cold needn't come with it. If you want to enjoy the comfort of your home while saving on your bills, you will like our Winter Plan.

24 hours a day

Enjoy it all winter long: from 1 December to 1 March

What benefits can you get with the Winter Plan?

If at least 60% of your consumption is concentrated in these months, this is the right plan for your business

How much will I pay with this Plan?

Offer valid until . If you do not know what power to contract, calculate yours here.


If you are not sure about the energy terms, we can help you

Energy dictionary here

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With it, we will have access to your CUPS (Universal Supply Point Code) number, which is the number of your electricity or gas supply.

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We will then be able to set up direct debits for your bills on this account. Don't worry, you can change them later.

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Sign the contract and... the process is completed! In 1 to 5 days, you will be enjoying our supply.

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