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Iberdrola Gas for Businesses


Sign up now and enjoy a 10% discount on the fixed gas charge 
Iberdrola Gas for Businesses: the best gas offer for businesses and self-employed workers with rate T1 or T2

Offer, Conditions ...


At Iberdrola want to be your energy, so we offer you this gas supply suited to the needs of your business. 

Sign up now and enjoy a 10% discount on the fixed charge for one year. Don't miss this opportunity!

In addition, we offer a Fixed Rate:12 instalments a year so you always know when and how much you will pay for your gas bill. Sign up for convenience!


Discount of 10% on the fixed rate for natural gas for the first twelve (12) months of the contract period.

Contracts with IBERDROLA CLIENTES, S.A.U. for Low-Pressure gas supply points with a yearly consumption of up to 50,000 kWh.

Offer valid for consumers with up to three supply points. Offer not applicable to Public Administrations and Official Bodies.

Gas offer subject to a mandatory period of 12 months, otherwise, the penalties described in the section Contract Duration shall apply.

Indirect taxes shall be added to these prices Footnote (1). The natural gas tax will be added to the prices indicated for gas, as set out in Footnote (2) on tax measures for energy sustainability.

Energy will be billed as the product obtained from multiplying the variable charge by usage in the relevant period plus the product of the fixed term multiplied by the months constituting the corresponding billing period.

These gas prices are subject to contracting both natural gas supply and the Gas Maintenance Service. If the customer discontinues the Gas Maintenance Service during the validity period of this contract, the customer shall be informed of the new price conditions that are applicable as of the moment this service is cancelled.

The monthly rental price for the natural gas meter shall be established by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for the corresponding flow rate, and charged by the distribution company. Indirect taxes not included Footnote (1) shall be added to this price, which will appear on the bills issued to the customer. The customer can check the current prices at any time on this website.


The duration of the contract is 12 months from the supply start date.

The start date, subject to the existence of an access contract signed with the distribution company and to installations modification where necessary, shall be the first day of the established reading period, which will be shown on the first bill.

The contract may be extended for annual periods in accordance with the General Conditions.

In the event of termination by unilateral withdrawal of either party during the first year of the contract, the withdrawing party must pay the other party a penalty for the amount of 0,16€/remaining day of the contract (in the case of rate 3.1) or 0,4€/remaining day of the contract (in the case of rate 3.2).


The contracted prices shall be updated as per the variation corresponding to the RPI Footnote (2) on 1 January of each year for the duration of the contract.

Any upward or downward variations in the access rates and tolls, fees and the regulated items that the government approves for application during the term of the contract will be applied, based on current legislation which can be consulted at:

Under section 3.2 of the General Conditions, the application of the promotions described herein shall be conditional on the service contract running throughout the indicated period. The Customer shall forfeit the right to receive the applied discounts and promotions in the event of early termination of the Contract.

Likewise, should the Customer request the cancellation of any of the energy supplies (electricity and/or gas) and/or of any of the service contracts (Gas Maintenance Service and/or Electrical Emergencies Service), the application of any discount or promotion being offered on gas and/or electricity fixed charges shall be discontinued immediately.




  • Note(1)

    The Economic-Fiscal System of each autonomous region will be applied (rates subject to Government-approved variations, which are currently: VAT on the mainland and Balearic Islands, at 21%; IGIC on the Canary Islands, comprising 3% for energy and 7% for other concepts; IPSI in Ceuta and Melilla at 1%).

  • Note(2)

    Spanish version.

  • Note(3)

    RPI: Actual accrued value for the November-to-November period of the year prior to the application of the variation of the General Consumer Price Index published by the National Statistics Institute of Spain.


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