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Safety tips 

Iberdrolahelps you keep yourelectrical installation safe
Iberdrola: tips for keeping your home's electrical installation safe

General recommendations

  • If you are going to handle some part of the electrical installation in your home, you must first turn off the mains switch on the consumer unit.

  • If some modification to the electrical installation is required, it is best to call in the services of an authorised electrician.


  • Electrical appliances must not be left within children’s reach.

  • All power sockets should have protective covers whenever they are not in use.

  • Whenever possible, avoid having electrical appliances, cables, plugs, etc. in your child's bedroom.

  • Take special care with radiators.

Bathroom and kitchen

  • Bathrooms and kitchens carry a greater electrical risk as there is often steam or water vapour. Take special precautions in these rooms.

  • Do not use electrical appliances near the shower or the bath.

  • Never use electrical appliances with wet hands.

  • Never use electrical appliances if you have bare feet.

  • Do not use metal objects to remove a piece of toast stuck in the toaster.

  • In the kitchen, do not use electrical appliances near the sink or in areas where there is steam.  

Domestic appliances

  • Switch off cooking or heating appliances before leaving home.

  • Before cleaning a household appliance, unplug it.

  • To unplug an appliance, do not pull the cable, pull the actual plug.

  • Never put metal objects into an appliance which is in use.

What to do in case of electrocution

  • Make sure the person is not in contact with any source of electricity.

  • If the person is in contact with electricity, unplug the power source first and then the general supply, if necessary. Do not try to touch them or use any metal instruments.

  • If they remain unconscious, try to resuscitate them if you know how to, or call 112 immediately.


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