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Iberdrola Electricity and Gas

Save up to 30% on your fixed gas charge and 12% on your electricity usage 
Iberdrola electricity and gas offer for Homes: Iberdrola Electricity and Gas - now you can enjoy our offer with a discount on your electricity usage and fixed gas charge

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At Iberdrola, we want to be your energy. That's why we're providing this electricity and gas offer so you can benefit from a 30% discount on your fixed gas charge and a 12% discount on your electricity usage for one year when you sign up for the Gas Maintenance Service, which will make your installation up to 22% more efficient, and the Home Electricity Protection service, which gives you the ease of mind of having cover for any unforeseen expenses due to electrical incidents or damage to electrical appliances in your home.

And for your convenience, we offer you the possibility of paying your bills in 12 instalments a year at a Fixed Rate, so you always know when and how much you will pay for your gas and electricity bills.


Discount of 6% (or 12% if you sign up for the Home Electrical Protection service) on the energy charge for the first twelve (12) months of the contract's duration.

Discount of 30% on the fixed rate for natural gas when you sign up for the Gas Maintenance Service, for the first twelve (12) months of the contract period.

Contracts with IBERDROLA CLIENTES, S.A.U. for low-voltage electricity supply points with subscribed power equal to or less than 10 kW and consumers of low-pressure gas with an annual consumption greater than 5,000 kWh and less than or equal to 50,000 kWh.

Offer valid for consumers with no more than three supply points. Offer not applicable to public administrations and official bodies.

Gas offer subject to a mandatory period of 12 months, otherwise, the penalties described in the section Contract Duration shall apply.

Indirect taxes Footnote (1), the electricity tax (5.11269632%), reactive energy and all other billing items shown shall be added to these prices.

Energy will be billed as the product obtained from multiplying the energy charge by usage in the relevant period. The exemptions and excess usage surcharges that the government establishes for the Voluntary Price for Small Consumers shall also be applied.

Power will be billed as the product obtained from multiplying the power charge by the corresponding power to be billed.

Reactive energy, where appropriate, shall be billed by applying the reactive energy billing charge that the government approves, as established in current regulations. The electricity tax (5.11269632%) shall be applied to this charge.

The monthly rental price for the electricity meter shall be established by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda for the corresponding access rate, and charged by the distribution company. Indirect taxes not included Footnote (1) shall be added to this price, which will appear on the bills issued to the client. The client can check the current prices at any time on this website.

Indirect taxes shall be added to these prices Footnote (1). The natural gas tax established in Footnote (2), on tax measures for energy sustainability will be added to the indicated gas prices.

Energy will be billed as the product obtained from multiplying the variable charge by usage in the relevant period plus the product of the fixed term multiplied by the months constituting the corresponding billing period.

These gas prices are subject to contracting both natural gas supply and the Gas Maintenance Service. If the customer discontinues the Gas Maintenance Service during the validity period of this contract, the customer shall be informed of the new price conditions that are applicable as of the moment this service is cancelled.

The monthly rental price for the natural gas meter shall be established by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda for the corresponding flow rate, and charged by the distribution company. Indirect taxes not included Footnote (1) shall be added to this price, which will appear on the bills issued to the client. The client can check the current prices at any time on this website.


The duration of the contract is 12 months from the supply start date.

The start date, subject to the existence of an access contract signed with the distribution company and to installations modification where necessary, shall be the first day of the established reading period, which will be shown on the first bill.

The contract may be extended for annual periods in accordance with the General Conditions.

In the event of termination by unilateral withdrawal of either party during the first year of the contract, the withdrawing party must pay the other party a penalty for the amount of 0,16€/remaining day of the contract (in the case of rate 3.1) or 0,4€/remaining day of the contract (in the case of rate 3.2).


The contracted prices shall be updated as per the variation corresponding to the RPI Footnote (3) on 1 January of each year for the duration of the contract.

Any upward or downward variations in the access rates and usage charges, fees and other regulated values which the government may approve for application during the term of the contract will be applied, based on the legislation in force which can be consulted in:

Under section 3.2 of the General Conditions, the application of the promotions described herein shall be conditional on the service contract running throughout the indicated period. The customer shall forfeit the right to receive the applied discounts and promotions in the event of early termination of the contract.

Likewise, should the Customer request the cancellation of any of the energy supplies (electricity and/or gas) and/or of any of the service contracts (Gas Maintenance Service and/or Home Electrical Protection), the application of any discount or promotion being offered on gas and/or electricity shall be discontinued immediately.


Iberdrola's Home Electrical Protection service gives you the peace of mind of having your kitchen appliances repaired, a household electrical installation repair service and a yearly service to install electrical or electronic equipment in the home. Our quality service via a single contact point lets you forget about unexpected repair and installation bills.

The price of the Home Electrical Protection service is €5.90 a month (VAT not included).


The price for the Gas Maintenance Service is €8.95 /month (VAT not included).


  1. Gas Maintenance Service:
    Maintenance service for the customer’s natural gas installation, appliances and heating circuits, with the following scope:
    1. Annual diagnostic visit: Includes a scheduled annual diagnostic inspection and maintenance for:
      1. Individual gas receiving installation, performing the following operations: seal test, pressure testing, inspection of the ventilation of the premises, anchors, distance from other ducts, knocks, flexible connections and defects on the exposed pipes.
      2. Gas appliances with a capacity of up to 70 kW: water heaters, boilers and domestic appliances for cooking, except for glass-ceramic gas cookers; performing the following operations, based on the need determined by the type of appliance: verification of their operation when started, testing their seals, analysing the combustion products and measuring the ambient CO.
      3. Hydraulic heating circuit: inspecting the exposed circuit, checking seals, verifying valves, and lockshield valves, and bleeding radiators if necessary.
    2. Repair of defects-breakdowns:
      Those items shall be corrected, with no additional labour charges up to a limit of 3 hours, including the materials for all the operations described in the scale, up to the maximum amount shown in the individual conditions.

      Service coverage is restricted to two repairs in each annual contracting period. If the Client requests another repair after having made two repairs, the Client will be informed that the desired repair is not covered by the GAS MAINTENANCE SERVICE and will be billed in full according to the provided estimate with no entitlement to discount of any sort for travel, labour or materials.
  2. Exclusions:
    The following is excluded from the scope of the Gas Maintenance Service:
  • Inspections, assistance or repairs provided by persons unrelated to Iberdrola and any damage they may cause.
  • Correcting the defects or breakdowns that may be detected during the visit that are the result of a defective gas installation and/or of any substantial change or modification made in the installation and/or gas appliances, whenever such changes or modifications have not been made by Iberdrola.
  • The repair of defects or breakdowns arising from negligent, improper or malicious use by the Client of the installations mentioned in section: Annual Diagnostic Visit.
  • Elements, appliances and/or parts of the installation that are not visible and/or not accessible at the time of the preventive inspection due to furniture being placed in the way, the structure of the premises or other objects, including equipment installed on the outside of the home or premises that, due to their location, are rendered inaccessible at the time of the inspection, or that they do not have appropriate sockets available to perform the described tests.
  • The replacement or improvement of the elements to which this contract refers, including if it was done due to changes or a modification in the applicable legislation.
  • The installations in which there are gas appliances with a capacity greater than 70 kW, glass-ceramic gas cookers and/or different water heaters, boilers or domestic appliances for cooking; and installations intended for commercial or industrial uses.
    Repairs are not guaranteed for gas appliances more than 10 years old.
  • Also excluded is damage caused by the elements covered in the contract or due to their lack of operation, personal injury or material damage caused by misuse or poor maintenance, injury to third parties, damage caused to the elements due to freezing, fire, explosions, floods or other disasters.
  • Iberdrola shall not be liable for delays or impediments in the execution of the services in the event of strikes, riots, serious weather events and other events of force majeure.


Iberdrola shall provide the Heating Gas Maintenance Service in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Annual maintenance visits will adapt to Iberdrola procedures and follow the routes and schedules defined by Iberdrola, which shall be coordinated with the Client sufficiently in advance.
  • The Client must allow Iberdrola service personnel to perform the work necessary for furnishing the Gas Maintenance service. In particular yet not all-inclusive, the Client must grant access to the installations and equipment contemplated for the present Service in addition to provide Iberdrola with updated contact data at all times for the necessary installation, replacement and maintenance operations. Failure of the client to observe this condition may result in the termination of the contract.
  • The Client will have the right to request that Iberdrola repair a maximum of two breakdowns during each annual contractual period with the scope and exclusions referred therein. The Client shall be liable for the appropriate and justified use of the breakdown notices sent to Iberdrola.
  • The installer shall offer a minimum warranty of six months for all repairs that are made, from the date the repairs are completed.
  • There will be a minimum six-month warranty on all repairs, effective from the repair completion date.
  • The maintenance contract is assigned to the installations and equipment that are being maintained, located in the home shown in the Individual Conditions, such that if the customer moves to another home, the contract cannot be transferred, but it can be passed on to the new occupant, with notice given to Iberdrola concerning the change.
  • The visits considered as part of this service do not exempt or replace execution of the periodic inspections that must be done by the gas distribution company in accordance with Royal Decree 919/2006.
  • Iberdrola will attend to the breakdowns in the installations and equipment included within the scope within a maximum term of 2 business days (considered to be Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm, with the exception of national holidays) from the date of the annual maintenance visit or receipt of notice for the Client.
  • If Iberdrola cannot guarantee service through no fault thereof but rather through causes including yet not limited to danger of the area, any type of aggression directed towards Iberdrola technicians, deficient hygienic conditions of the dwelling, the Client's repeated refusals to seal an installation requiring or intended for an annual maintenance visit, etc., Iberdrola reserves the right to rescind the present contract and will not be held liable for any cost whatsoever.
  • Iberdrola may request the Client's voluntary participation when undertaking internal quality controls, which are always conducted by duly certified personnel.
  • Early termination of the Gas Maintenance Service initiated by the client before the end of each annual period shall require the client to pay the price set for the entire annual period of the contract in force and which has not yet been paid, though the client shall maintain the right to the two breakdown notices stipulated for that annual period if they have not already been made.
  • Termination of the natural gas supply contract with Iberdrola shall not necessarily involve the cancellation of the Heating Gas Maintenance Service unless it is expressly requested by the customer.


  • Iberdrola shall be solely responsible for the correct execution of the work described in this contract.
    Specifically, it shall not be responsible for:
    • Personal injury or material damage resulting from misuse or improper maintenance.
    • Damage caused to any element or its operation unless it is the cause of it.
    • Injury to third parties caused by the covered elements.
    • Acts of God and force majeure.
  • The parties hereto agree that circumstances of force majeure and accidents shall exonerate them from liability.


Conditions: 24-hour home support, repairs insurance and legal advice service

Under this service, Iberdrola offers its customers access through the 900 22 45 22 telephone number or via the Iberdrola channel provided for this purpose to the services and professions most commonly required for repairs and refurbishments at the customers' installations and homes. This service includes:

  • Emergency assistance within 3 hours (with no additional rate charged for the emergency service) for the following cases:
    • Plumbing: broken fixed water pipes in the installations of the customer/holder.
    • Glasswork: broken outside glasses, unprotected installations.
    • Locksmith's work: opening of the main door in the installations.
    • Electricity: breakdown in the private installations of the customer/holder.
  • Access to 24-hour support services for repairs and refurbishments relating to theenergy service and other common breakdowns and repairs in homes and businesses (plumbing, glasswork, locksmith's work, air conditioning, lighting, etc.). Service warranty as regards:
    • Response times.
    • Hourly prices applied by the professional: control of prices agreed previously by Iberdrola with the multiassistance company.
    • Six-month warranty on work carried out(emergencies, breakdowns and refurbishments).
  • Legal advice service
    Iberdrola offers its customers access at 900 22 45 22 or via the Iberdrola channel provided for this purpose to a telephone legal advice service that covers all aspects of Spanish law.
    This service is provided Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm in winter hours and from 8 am to 3 pm in summer hours (15 June to 15 September). The requests made during the department's hours are dealt with on the same day the call is received, as long as the customer can be contacted at the telephone numbers provided, unless the customer wishes to be assisted at a later moment. This service is limited to providing oral legal advice regarding the matters brought up, and no written opinion is issued.


  • Note(1)

    The Economic-Fiscal System of each autonomous region will be applied (rates subject to Government-approved variations, which are currently: VAT on the mainland and Balearic Islands, at 21%; IGIC on the Canary Islands, comprising 3% for energy and 7% for other concepts; IPSI in Ceuta and Melilla at 1%).

  • Note(2)

    Spanish version.

  • Note(3)

    CPI: Actual accrued value for the November-to-November period of the year before the application of the variation of the General Retail Price Index published by the Spanish National Institute for Statistics.


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