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On-line Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Protection ofequipment sensitiveto electrical disturbances
Iberdrola Services for Companies and Institutions: On-line Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Contract options


On-line Uninterruptible Power Supplies protect equipment sensitive to electrical disturbances, minimising downtime and improving the reliability and profitability of the protected installations.

The identification and execution of this type of projects for the protection of equipment and control installations against electrical disturbances are carried out in successive stages which complete and provide better knowledge of the customer's installations, recommending the design and implementation of the most suitable solutions in each case.

The analysis and implementation of this type of projects includes the following activities:

  • Initial data collection and preliminary analysis of the events that have taken place in the power network and of the problems that have happened in the customer's installations.

  • Initial diagnosis of the customer's situation and preliminary report where applicable or conducting of a supply quality audit.

  • Results report, which includes the proposed solutions and recommendations for protecting the installations against the detected electrical disturbances.

  • Turnkey contract for the execution of the measures.

  • Follow-up and monitoring of the results obtained.

In addition, you benefit from Iberdrola's advantages and guarantees:

  • We offer you a tailor-made solution: preliminary analysis, preliminary diagnosis and results report (including solutions, recommendations and a financial analysis of the solution).

  • We help you implement the proposed improvement measures, as we take care of the execution of the measures with our own means or using approved third parties.

  • Credit facilities up to 24 months.


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