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Generating sets

Stand-alone electricityavailability, without grid supply
Iberdrola Services for Companies and Institutions: generating sets

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The lack of electricity supply can cause serious economic or personal harm for certain activities and services. It may happen that on certain occasions and for a given period of time supply from the electric distribution grid is not available. This includes regular maintenance work, changes to the installations, supply away from the electricity distribution grid, occasional use of premises or even the temporary need for power greater than usual.

These are particularly sensitive situations for premises open to the public and companies and institutions offering services that must operate permanently or with critical processes. In these situations, alternative power generation systems are needed which guarantee the availability of electricity supply, such as generating sets.

Generating sets are stand-alone devices that generate the required electric power at the point of use.

They offer a number of benefits:

  • Total availability of the electric power needed, independent of the electric grid.

  • Absence of long power cuts, over 20 seconds approximately.

  • Total and continuous activity.

The main characteristics of generating sets are:

  • Wide range of power, from 1 to over 1,000 kVA.

  • With the best conditions: rented or purchased equipment.

  • Solutions for emergencies or continuous use at isolated points of the distribution grid.

  • Environmentally-friendly equipment.

There are two types of generating sets, depending on whether they will be connected to the grid or not:

  • Isolated crank start sets, when the company needs to have electricity generated by the equipment.

  • Grid-connected sets, usually with automatic start when a fault is detected in the electricity supply grid.


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