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Transformer stations

Turnkey solutionfor transformer stationconstruction and start-up
Iberdrola Services for Companies and Institutions: Transformer station installation

Contract options


Iberdrola offers the construction and start-up service for transformer stationsFootnote (*) needed to meet high energy demand, as well as the high-voltage power line required to connect them to the electricity distribution grid.

Iberdrola guarantees:

  • Full coordination with the local electricity distribution company.
  • Equipment manufactured by Iberdrola's usual suppliers, offering proven quality.

Sign up now with Iberdrola and benefit from the advantages that only an energy leader can offer:

  • “Turnkey” offers optionally including project preparation and submission and management of the authorisation with the competent authorities.
  • Work carried out by specialist companies which usually partner with Iberdrola.
  • Carrying out of installations whose assembly and service strictly fulfil safety regulations, and under optimum operating conditions.
  • Managing the closing of the file to enable signing up for high-voltage electric power.



  • Note(*)

    Although there is no established limit, in urban areas it is applicable to most supplies that require more than 100 kW; in isolated areas and some industrial estates, this value can decrease to around 20 kW.


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