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Environmental audit

We help you improve your company's environmental management
Iberdrola Services for Businesses and Self-employed Workers: Environmental audit

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We offer environmental audits that allow you to find out the scope of regulations in force in this area and the corrective measures that might be needed.

The audits are conducted by specialist consultants and cover all kinds of environmental impact assessment:

  • Waste from different activities and processes (gas, liquid effluent, solid waste, etc).
  • Materials used (construction, machinery, etc).
  • Potential radioactive contamination due to the operation of some electrical receivers such as electromedical equipment, precision detectors in industrial processes, and so on.

Once the environmental audit is complete, a Supporting Report in written This:

  • Contains all of the standards that affect environmental quality in the assessed process.
  • Allows deficiencies to be corrected.
  • Identifies all of the aspects related to air quality and atmosphere and water protection.
  • Identifies waste and catalogues it (European Waste Catalogue “EWC”).
  • Considers Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC).
  • Facilitates the process of achieving quality seals (ISO14000, EMAS, EKOSCAN).


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