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Energy Audit

Save energy with our energy audit programmes
Iberdrola Services for Businesses and Self-employed Workers: Energy audit

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We offer a customised and comprehensive energy audit service that allows you to identify and implement saving measures adapted to each business.

The energy audits will allow you to make the most of your company’s energy use, while reducing the environmental impact from your installations.

The energy audit involves an analysis of the energy efficiency  of existing equipment that uses electricity and fossil fuels, the installation's usage conditions, energy billing, etc., in order to optimise the existing processes and installations from the point of view of energy usage and identify energy saving and efficiency measures. Once the saving potential has been identified, the audit establishes the most suitable solutions and performs a technical-economic assessment.

The audit includes the following activities:

  • Collection of all available information that might be of interest for carrying out the work (projects, schematic diagrams, usage, etc.).
  • Technical visits to the installations in order to determine the operation of the equipment, and measurement of energy usage and other parameters on the main pieces of equipment or systems in order to be able to conduct the study.
  • Analysis of the information collected.
  • Final audit report that describes the current situation of the installations from the point of view of energy usage and proposes the different energy saving alternatives for the various systems or areas, with their corresponding expected saving potential and return on investment.



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