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Load curves

Planning and managing used and self-generated electricity is now possible 
Iberdrola Services for Companies and Institutions: Load curves

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With our load curve service you can plan and manage used and self-generated electricity, with the following benefits:

  • Control of electric variables depending on the selected period: daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Usage optimisation according to excess power recorded.
  • Precise and convenient planning of expenses and income, by estimating future bills based on real data obtained via telemetering.
  • Convenience of working with real data in a stand-alone manner and in local mode.
  • In the case of self-generators, determining the electric power fed into the grid for its billing to the distribution company.

This service also has the following functionality:

  • Graphic display of energy used or fed into grid and power every four hours.
  • Selection of the data representation period.
  • Downloading of files in .xls and .txt format with usage and power data.
  • Recording of the customer's excess power during the period.
  • Estimate of future bills based on real usage data obtained through telemetering.

You can access this information through our On-line Office with full security and confidentiality.

This service applies to companies with high-voltage supply points and telemetering equipment. Valid also for electricity self-generating companies.

With Iberdrola's guarantee and reliability:

  • We develop and offer the tools that make energy planning and management easier.
  • Enjoys the convenience and saving of having one single energy manager for the various needs of your activity or service.
  • Backed by the experience and guarantee of Iberdrola, a reliable leader in the energy sector.