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Technical Documentation

NI Standards

NI standards are documents that provide the recurring application solutions within the scope of Grupo IBERDROLA for products, elements and equipment, and their complementary processes. For sourcing activities, they are the technical specifications that the supplies covered by these standards must meet, and they are included as documentation in the tender publication.


The attachments will indicate which suppliers and manufacturers are qualified within the scope of Grupo IBERDROLA to supply, manufacture or carry out the processes covered by the NIs.

Technical Manuals

The technical manuals show the systems and methods used for planning, building and operating the installations belonging to the Electricity Distribution Business Unit (REDEL).

Regulation Consistency Project 

In collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (*) and FEDER funds, IBERDROLA Distribución Eléctrica, S.A.U. is developing a project aimed at ensuring the consistency of all the technical documentation used by both IBERDROLA Distribución and contractor personnel.


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