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Do You Want to be a Supplier?

Do You Want to be an IBERDROLA Supplier?

IBERDROLA bases the supplier registration, classification and selection processes on objectivity, impartiality and equal opportunities criteria, and avoids any conflict in supplier selection. We promote publicity and competition in our selection processes, according to management efficiency criteria.

In Spain, for supplier pre-qualification, IBERDROLA uses the RePro registration system, a database with up-to-date information on companies which provides service to the main players in the energy sector. Access to RePro is open on a permanent basis to any supplier.

1. Basic Registration: products and/or services which are non-strategic or involve no technical complexity and low-cost purchases.

2. RePro: strategic and critical products and/or services and purchases for significant amounts, or large trading volume. Purchases under framework arrangements. 


Chart showing how the supplier is classified by IBERDROLA. SUPPLIER, step 1: Wants to register. LEVEL 1: BASIC REGISTRATION, step 2: Fills in the basic questionnaire on Iberdrola's website. LEVEL 2: REGISTRATION IN REPRO, step 3: Iberdrola informs the supplier of the need to register in RePro. REPRO, step 4: Supplier registered in RePro. IBERDROLA CLASSIFIES, step 5: Supplier classified for Iberdrola

If you´re interested in joining our commercial network, please consult How to become a Commercial Partner.


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