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Quality Management

During 2014 Quality Guidelines were approved at Group level and the overall quality management system that coordinates and supervises the quality management systems of IBERDROLA organizations, in order to take advantage of the synergies and align with the Group's quality policy and its guidelines.

On the other hand, new ISO 9001 quality systems have been implemented (as new certificates or scope extensions of the existing) during 2014:

  • In Scotland, in the general administration management that supports different business.
  • In the United States, in the management of projects related to new assets, enhancing regulators´ confidence.
  • In Spain, Distribution business has expanded the certificate´ scope to the processes of special measure (pilot central region) and acometidas management (pilot Madrid region). 78% of Distribution staff work according to the requirements of a quality system certificate.
  • In the renewable energy business the scope of the quality system has been expanded to the wind farms in Mexico, with a total of 199, 75 MW.
  • IBERDROLA engineering expanded in 2014 the scope of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates including offshore installations.

 In addition, numerous improvement projects have been undertaken:

  • The expansion of the corporate internal customer satisfaction survey to Mexico, reinforcing the improvement´s plans evaluation of the key corporate services for Spain, UK, USA and Brazil.
  • In Generation business, in order to strengthen the model quality integration, the company has carried out the consolidation of the detection, dissemination and implementation best practises process, and the extension of audits´ capabilities, CSR support and the compliance activities execution. 
  • In Distribution Business, during 2014 and under STAR project (Tele-management System and Network Automation) the company installed 2.154.272 tele-managed counters and automated 9.530 Transformer Centres. This project has a significant impact on the improvement in the quality supply, because, thanks to network tele-managed development the downtime for breakdown will be reduced. Specifically, the smart grid contribution to improve TIEPI during the year, it was 3,3 minutes (€1,6 Million  quality incentive). The values accumulated to date are 4.176.363 tele-managed counters and 19.894 Transformer Centres automated.
  • In the Renewable business, several improvement projects within the system have been developed. It should highlight the automation of the tools in order to calculate the indicators.
  • In IBERDROLA engineering, seven initiatives based on LEAN methodology for processes optimization processes, have been defined within the “Efficiency improvement plan” The results / improvements obtained have turned into existing procedures and guidelines.

Awards in the area of QUALITY during the year 2014

  • Elektro has been awarded with the Ibero-American Award for quality 2014, with Gold category, given by Fundación Iberoamericana for quality management (Fundibeq).
  • Elektro has been recognized as the best energy distributor in Brazil by the Brazilian Association of distributors of electrical energy (Abradee).
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