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The Workforce

As part of the social responsibility policies, IBERDROLA’s Board of Directors has approved the Human Resources Framework Policy [PDF], which sets out the guidelines that govern labour relations in the Group’s different companies and serves as a reference for defining the objectives of the Company and the Group in the area of human resources as regards: the selection and hiring of professionals; the guarantees and stability of quality employment; the building of a stable relationship with workers; occupational health and safety; training and development of the Group’s professionals; and diversity, equal opportunities and work-life balance.

With the aim of supplementing the general approaches described in the Human Resources Framework Policy [PDF], IBERDROLA has four specific policies in the area of labour relations:

Work-life balance

IBERDROLA is a leader in balancing family and professional life. The Company has strengthened its position in this area, being the first Ibex-35 company that has implemented a working day with no lunch break all year round. 

In addition to this, in 2009, IBERDROLA approved the Group’s Equality plan in a bid to promote the adherence to and effective application of the universal principle of gender equality.


In a world where traditional production assets are increasingly accessible, intellectual capital makes the difference between competitive and uncompetitive companies, between companies the generate value in a sustained manner and those that gradually lose value. This is why IBERDROLA has a Knowledge Management Policy [PDF], approved by the Board of Directors, which aims to disseminate and share the knowledge existing in the company and promote ongoing learning and cultural exchange, so as to boost operational efficiency through proper use of the intellectual capital.

For more information, please refer to the Training section on this website.

International scale

IBERDROLA has worked to consolidate its international presence in recent years. The Company is focused on laying the foundations for future growth, based on the carrying out of grid and renewable energy projects.

The aim is to continue maximising the Group's potential, securing benefits for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and for society as a whole.

In order to promote the development of this global organisational model, the International Mobility Plan (Glocal) was approved and implemented in 2008. This Plan establishes a common framework for action for all the Group companies, promoting employee mobility between countries. In 2014, international assignments were made that affected 221 persons, through the exchange of experiences.

Moreover, the Management School at the IBERDROLA Campus has become an international point of exchange for knowledge, experiences and best practices, disseminating the corporate culture in line with the Group’s growing international presence.

In addition, implementation of the OneHR project continues. It was launched in 2011 with the aim of consolidating the Human Resources function and team globally, by systematising and unifying this area’s model and processes based on a common information system, SAP.

For more information on IBERDROLA's relationship with its employees, please refer to Sustainability Reports and the Our team and Employment Channel sections on our website. 

Work ethics and respect for human rights

Ethics is at the core of the IBERDROLA Group’s strategy, of its business model and its decision-making chain. IBERDROLA works to make its ethical commitment and respect for the environment the basis for the sense of belonging and the trust of all the people and the different groups with whom it interrelates.

To this end, the Code of Ethics [PDF], approved by the Board of Directors and available since 2002, sets out the principles of action required from the different Group companies and their employees and managers, irrespective of their hierarchical level, their geographical or functional location and the Group company they work for.

Moreover, as part of the social responsibility policies, the Board of Directors of IBERDROLA has approved the Policy on Respect for Human Rights [PDF], which sets out the following basic principles of action, among others:

  • To demand from all Group professionals and suppliers strict respect for human and labour rights recognised in domestic and international legislation while executing their activities, as well as compliance with international standards in those countries where human rights legislation has not been fully developed.
  • To reject child labour and forced or compulsory labour and uphold the freedom of association and of collective bargaining, as well as non-discrimination and the rights of ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples in the countries where the Company operates.


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