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The Suppliers

IBERDROLA's commitment to sustainability has been conveyed to the suppliers in recent years, and together with the actions undertaken in this sphere in the Purchasing Area, has produced a rapprochement between the framework of the suppliers/supplies and the socially responsible parameters required by the Company.

The Purchasing Division, within its scope of responsibility, has a Global supplier management model, applicable to the IBERDROLA Group, whose main features are shown in the table below:

In the sustainability area, this model enables the registration, qualification and assessment of suppliers (both new and existing) in the following areas:

  • Corporate social responsibility, labour practices and respect for human rights.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Safety and occupational risk prevention.
  • Quality.
  • References and history of previous work.

In a supplier's assessment, the sustainability area has a weighting of 40% on the overall score, while the other 60% corresponds to credit risk assessment and technical ability.

The Purchasing Department guarantees equal opportunities, applying criteria of objectivity and impartiality in its relationships with suppliers, and promoting publicity and competition in the selection processes within a general framework of management efficiency.

The purchasing of fuel is also subject to the general principles of IBERDROLA's social responsibility policies, with the aim of promoting among suppliers socially responsible actions, respect for the environment and the prevention of occupational risks.

IBERDROLA carries out an internal assessment of the main fuel suppliers, following both economic and logistic as well as environmental and social criteria.

Our commitment to respect and support human rights extends to our transactions and relations with the suppliers as reflected in the "Policy on Respect for Human Rights [PDF]"

This ethical and good governance commitment is conveyed to the Group’s suppliers through the Supplier Code of Ethics [PDF], which sets out the IBERDROLA Group's firm commitment not to accept any corrupt, fraudulent or illegal practices or actions contrary to the Company's policies and principles in the area of corporate social responsibility.

Moreover, in 2014 IBERDROLA published a Regular report on supplier purchasing and management [PDF] as part of the CSR Plan for suppliers.

For more information on IBERDROLA's relationship with its suppliers, please refer to the "Sustainability Reports” and the "Suppliers" section on our website.

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