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IBERDROLA maintains a strategy based on strong involvement in the communities where it operates. This commitment to the creation of social value is perfectly aligned with the Company's corporate strategy defined in our Business Plans. 

IBERDROLA's contribution to society is based on the main impacts of its own business activity: supplying a product as essential as energy, significant investments in basic infrastructures, promotion of local supplier networks in the countries where it operates, creation of qualified jobs, contributions to the public treasuries via taxes, etc., as detailed in the Company's Strategic Plan. Moreover, IBERDROLA seeks to become a long-term investor in the economies in which our company is present in order to generate socially sustainable economic value.

For more information on IBERDROLA's relationship with society, please refer to the "Sustainability Reports" available on "Publications and Reports" section on this website and on the website of Fundación IBERDROLA España.

Defence of human rights

As part of the social responsibility policies, the Board of Directors of IBERDROLA has approved the Policy on Respect for Human Rights [PDF], which sets out the Group’s commitment to human and labour rights recognized in domestic and international legislation and to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the Guiding Principles on enterprises and human rights: implementation of the United Nations framework to “protect, respect and remedy”, the OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises, the International Labour Organisation’s Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning multinational enterprises and Social Policy, as well as the documents or texts that may replace or supplement the above principles.

To achieve the above goals, the Group undertakes to implement due diligence procedures to identify situations and activities with a high risk of infringing human rights and put in place mechanisms for preventing and mitigating such risk in its activities and in those of its suppliers.

In addition, IBERDROLA has the following tools to implement respect for human rights, which have been approved by the Board of Directors and are binding on the Group’s professionals and companies:

  • Code of Ethics [PDF], that governs the conduct of all Group employees, specifically in the area of the defence of human rights, and also sets out supervision mechanisms and disciplinary measures in the event of non-compliance.
  • Supplier’s Code of Ethics [PDF], that promotes compliance with current legislation and the United Nations Global Compact by suppliers in the areas of ethics, labour practices, health and safety, and the environment. This code must be accepted expressly by the Group’s suppliers and is attached to the relevant contracts.

In 2002 IBERDROLA subscribed to the United Nations Global Compact and in 2004 it was a founding member of the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact. Today, IBERDROLA is a member of its executive committee and submits the annual information on the progress made in fulfilling the commitments undertaken, which is available on the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact.

Social activities

IBERDROLA subscribes to and/or also participates in other programmes, projects and initiatives, both worldwide and in the various countries in which it operates. These include particularly the following:

  • The Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, founded in 1992 within the framework of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro with the aim of promoting sustainable energy development through electricity projects and training programmes in developing countries and the United Nations CEO Water Mandate to encourage sustainable water usage practices.
  • The BetterCoal initiative, that promotes corporate social responsibility standards in the international coal supply chain and transparency in the information on the operations of the main producers.
  • The international organisation Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) through its Road to Paris 2015 project, which aims to ensure the adoption of binding and ambitious measures by the states at the Climate Summit to be held in Paris. It has reaffirmed its commitment to fight climate change within the framework of the Climate Change Summit organised by United Nations which was held in September in New York.
  • ScottishPower continues with the Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Glasgow programme managed by The Strategy Board and the Department for Transport, and together with the Office of Low Emissions Vehicles has carried out the Plugged-In Places programme, which promotes the use of electric vehicles. ScottishPower has also supported Scotland Lights Up Malawi, which promotes climate justice by investing in solar energy through research and education.
  • IBERDROLA RENOVABLES has joined various initiatives such as the Offshore Wind Accelerator, the Radar Working Group, the Technology Innovation Centre and the Oregon Business Climate Declaration, all four in the renewable energy area.
  • Elektro, which subscribed to the Global Compact in 2007, carried out the Promoção da Economia Verde e Inclusiva in 2014 as part of the initiatives of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), in addition to its activity as Empresa Amiga da Criança benefiting children and young people and protecting them against labour abuses.

IBERDROLA is a member of relevant organisations within the industry and other organisations of interest in terms of sustainability in the countries in which it operates. They are listed in section G4-16 of the 2014 Sustainability Report [PDF].

IBERDROLA also carries out a wide range of activities to improve the well-being of various groups in the societies where the company is established, which are described in the Fundación IBERDROLA España.

More information on IBERDROLA’s relations with society can be found in the “Sustainability Reports” and in the “Social Action” section on this website.

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