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The Environment

A sustainable energy model must meet various objectives:

  • Economic goals linked to the need for stable, secure and competitive energy supplies.
  • Social goals related to universal access to essential services under acceptable economic conditions.
  • Environmental goals resulting in fewer emissions and greater efficiency in the production and use of goods and services.

Corporate Environment Policy

The Company's Board of Directors has adopted, among others measures, the following policies which set forth the principles to be followed by the Company in order to continue improving its environmental management efforts, thus contributing to achieving the aforementioned energy model.

The Environmental Policy [PDF], whereby IBERDROLA undertakes to promote innovation in this area, and eco-efficiency (reducing the environmental impact for each production unit), in order to gradually reduce the environmental impact of its activities, facilities, products and services, and to strive to offer, promote and investigate eco-efficient solutions in its market and customers, thereby harmonising the pursuit of its activities with the legitimate rights of present and future generations.

The Climate Change Policy [PDF], which embodies the Company’s commitment to the fight against climate change, undertaking to mitigate its effects, and accepting the fundamental role of the energy sector in increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. To achieve this end it supports an ambitious global objective for emissions reductions, and devotes its greatest efforts to achieving a gradual reduction in the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as advocating a global, integrated and fair emissions market, and encouraging a culture of efficient and responsible energy use.

The Biodiversity Policy [PDF] recognises that social development is closely linked to the use of natural resources and affects their availability, which can on occasions lead to a decrease in biodiversity. For this reason, the Company pledges to take into account the effects on biodiversity when planning, implementing and operating its energy infrastructures, and to help foster a corporate culture that focuses on raising society’s awareness of the magnitude of this challenge and the potential actions that could contribute towards its conservation. 

The commitments undertaken by IBERDROLA in relation to the environment with the approval of these policies are included in the specific Environment section on this website.

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