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The Customers

One of IBERDROLA’s goals is to create value for its customers, seeking to meet their expectations in a manner which is compatible with respect for the environment, responsible labour practices, and alignment of business values with those of our social setting.

Around the world, IBERDROLA provides 32.6 million supply points with power, of which 29.0 million are electricity and 3.6 gas.

Customer relationships are managed by the Generation and Retail Business or the Networks Business, depending on whether the market has been liberalized or remains regulated. Specifically, the Generation and Retail Business manages the relationship with customers in Europe, basically in Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom, while the Networks Business manages the relationship with customers in the United States and Brazil.

In keeping with this approach, IBERDROLA undertakes to abide by the following ethical commitments:

  • To adopt the instruments required to guarantee at all times the security and confidentiality of our customers' data.
  • To respect and abide by the rules regulating communication and marketing activities and adopt the voluntary codes that provide transparency and veracity to those actions.
  • To set up procedures and methods in order to ensure that the customers can have access to the products they demand when needed and in optimum conditions.
  • To pay particular attention to the protection of the health and safety of its customers throughout the life cycle of the products it sells.
  • To provide information to its customers in each country in which it sells its products and services, to enable more rational, efficient and safe use of electricity and gas.
  • To provide effective access to information for customers with language or sensory difficulties.
  • To promote transparency and clarity in the contracts with Group customers, particularly as regards services, products and rates.
  • To offer our customers a set of communication channels to enable them to keep constantly in touch with the Company.

For more information on IBERDROLA's relationship with its customers, please refer to "Sustainability Reports” section and the "Customers" area.

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