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Our Commitments

In line with the position taken by the European Union, IBERDROLA develops its social responsibility policy and practices as part of its contribution to sustainable development, which is reflected in the definition of its mission, vision and values.

To put this into practice, the IBERDROLA, S.A. Board of Directors has approved a set of policies which must guide the Company's strategic definition and operational activities.

The Company's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy [PDF] defines the guiding principles of the IBERDROLA Group companies in their operational practices and the relationship with their main stakeholders.

This policy applies directly to IBERDROLA, S.A. and to all the subsidiaries under its control. In other companies in which it holds a stake, the Company will urge their management bodies to adopt measures aligned with this policy.

IBERDROLA also has a Sustainability Policy [PDF] which, among other matters, places special emphasis on the environmental impact of the Company's operations. This is a priority for IBERDROLA, as shown by the progress made in emission-free installed power, which reaches 62%Note (*), as well as CO2 emissions, which are 30% below the average for the European electricity sector.

Three new social responsibility policies were approved in 2015:

For more information please refer to the 2014 Sustainability Report and Integrated Report February 2015.


  • Note (*) Installed capacity, 9M 2015.
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