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While carrying out these processes, it is important to highlight some relevant aspects:

  • Strict compliance with legislation which regulates the exploitation of nuclear plants, such as laws (Nuclear Energy, Establishment of the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear, etc.), regulations (Health Protection against Ionising Radiation, Nuclear and Radioactive Facilities, etc.) and directives (Nuclear Safety, etc.).This legislation is applied to the plants mainly through official documentation related to exploitation (Safety Studies, Operational Regulations, Technical Operating Specifications, Internal Emergency Plan, Quality Assurance Manual, Radiological Protection Manual, Manual for Calculating External Emissions, Service Inspection Manual, Operational Limits of the Core, Fire Safety Manual, Technical Specifications, and the Operational Requirements Manual).

    These types of documents are included in the first level of requirements reflected in the IBERDROLA GENERACIÓN NUCLEAR Authorization for the Exploitation of Nuclear Plants. Specifications related with licences, manuals and administrative procedures, design specifications, technical procedures and manuals, etc., also apply.Other complementary aspects related with safety, such as product guarantee, quality and conditions for client supply, are detailed in the quality manuals, which set forth the appropriate orientation of the process in order to minimize operational risks and stimulate the supply of a competitively priced, safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly product.

  • The competent regulatory body in Spain with regard to nuclear safety and radiological protection, the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (Nuclear Safety Council), dictates rules and instructions, inspects, supervises and controls the operations of nuclear plants, and grants authorisations and licences.This is an autonomous, independent entity which is held responsible by the National Parliament and informs the public about its activities and the exploitation of plants.

    To this end, it assigns two on-site inspectors to each plant, who work full-time and exclusively at the facility to which they are appointed. In this task of regulatory control, the Nuclear Generation Division collaborates actively in supplying required information and allowing access to software applications, databases, documentation and records related to exploitation, as is the case with the direct and unrestricted access to the nuclear plant corrective actions programme.
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