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Trips CO2 Calculator

You too can express your commitment to the environment

Why shold we become committed? 

There is scientific consensus on the gradual increase in the Earth’s temperature and the rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere deriving from human activities. This will cause significant climate and environmental changes which will affect us and future generations, because of the so-called “greenhouse effect”.

Do you know how you contribute to this greenhouse effect? 

We offer you our trips CO2 Calculator, so that you can determine your “carbon footprint” and calculate how much CO2 you emit when you travel, and find out about the most sustainable means of transport.

And do you know how you can help prevent this situation?

Using public transport, cycling instead of driving short distances, or travelling by train for longer trips instead of going by plane or car are simple tips you can follow in order to reduce your CO2 emissions.

Moreover, the IBERDROLA Green Mobility plan will show you how to combine the electric vehicle with IBERDROLA Green Energy to achieve zero emissions. Discover them now!

IBERDROLA's Commitment

IBERDROLA, a world leader in wind power, works day in day out to make sustainable growth a reality through initiatives or services such as E-Billing. We are committed to developing clean technologies that guarantee secure and efficient supply to fight against climate change.

¡Go green with zero emissions, and choose IBERDROLA Green Mobility!

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