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Sustainable Mobility Guide

IBERDROLA, a leader in sustainable policies and commitment to the environment, has sponsored the “SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY GUIDE for responsible companies [PDF]”, published by the Excellence in Sustainability ClubNote (*) and the Mobility FoundationNote (*).

The publication, with a preface by the Chairman of IBERDROLA, Ignacio S. Galán, presents the possibilities available to companies that embrace sustainable mobility and shows how they combine with other responsible value policies aimed at various stakeholders, basically employees, customers and suppliers. The guide also stresses the importance of integrating the mobility policy into the Corporate Responsibility instruments.

All the proposed measures are designed to promote better mobility. These include human resources measures, such as the rationalization of working hours in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Along these lines, IBERDROLA has implemented a working day with no lunch break all year round for more than 7,300 employees, thus reducing air pollution, the accident rate and absenteeism from work.

Other measures highlighted in the guide are more technologically-oriented, such as teleworking or videoconferences; training, information and awareness building measures; and efficient-driving courses or purchase management measures, such as green fleets. All these measures can be taken on a case-by-case basis or implemented as part of strategic instruments, such as company mobility plans.

Many Spanish and foreign companies have already implemented mobility measures in various areas. This guide will assist in identifying and systematizing them in order to prepare a mobility plan, which is one of the aspects highlighted by the recently approved Sustainable Mobility Strategy of the Ministry for the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs.

| Download Sustainable Mobility Guide Responsible Companies [PDF] |Note (*)

(*)Spanish version.

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