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UNICEF Campaign



The possibility of reducing child mortalityNote (*) is closer than ever. Over the last two decades child mortality has been reduced by 50%, but even now, 17,000 children die every day for causes that could be prevented with measures as simple as proper nutrition, access to drinking water or a vaccine.

At IBERDROLA we believe that this figure should be zero. And you? Help us one more year in this commitment to children and their needs, because we can all help save the lives of thousands of children and make sure that no child dies for preventable causes. This year we have achieved our goal and we've got enough funds for UNICEF can immunize 22,000 children against measles, providing drinking water to nearly 8,000 children for a month or treat 240 children with severe malnutrition.

Although there is still some way to go, we can make sure that zero children miss out on vaccination, zero children are affected by malnutrition, and zero children are left with no access to drinking water.

Together we will succeed!

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