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You can visit the IBERDROLA Bus in Valladolid from 3 until May 7.


Do you want to learn more about renewable energies? Do you know how to look after the environment? IBERDROLA, the world leader in wind power production and the leading energy group in Spain, invites you to discover the IBERDROLA Bus and join our commitment to the environment.

During following days you can visit the IBERDROLA Bus at next location:

  • From 3rd to 7th of May in Valladolid, located at the space between Juan de Austria Square and Zorrilla Promenade.

Visiting hours are from 10:00 am. to 14:00 and form 16.00 to 20:00.

Through an entertaining, playful and educational experience during your visit to the IBERDROLA Bus, you will learn about renewable energies and how you can care for the environment through a few simple tips.

The IBERDROLA Bus has several areas with different activities:

  • Audiovisual area, immerse yourself in a world of commitment:
    • Film with 3D elements.
    • 3D image viewer: you can see some of our wind and hydroelectric power facilities.
  • Interactive area, time for enjoyment and learning:
    • Computers with interactive applications so you can: 
      • Learn more about renewable energies, with a special section devoted to wind power.
      • Receive environmental tips for your home and workplace.
      • “PLAY WITH CLEAN ENERGY” a game where the participants must prove their skill at creating renewable energies (wind, solar, hydroelectric and wave power).
    • The GREEN CHALLENGE: Through a number of questions and answers, we challenge you to prove your knowledge of the various renewable energies.
    • Customised badges: You can get a customised badge with your picture, to become a true “FOLLOWER” in the commitment to caring for the environment.

Hop on, we are expecting you. Our planet will be grateful!

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