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Environmental Footprint

The Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) is defined as: “A multi-criteria   measure   of   the   environmental performance  of  a  goods/services  providing  organization  from  a  life  cycle  perspective. The main objective of an OEF is to reduce the environmental impact derived from the organisation’s activities.”

The IBERDROLA´s Environmental Footprint objectives are:

  • Understand and compare objectively the effect of our activity in the different environmental impact categories, trace their cause, identifying the environmental aspects and the assets/technologies/regions responsible of them. This will be an extra element of information for the company’s management system.
  • To have a single environmental indicator that allows to: 
    • Measure to improve, developing activities to reduce the environmental impact, with the aim of: 
      • Improve efficiency.
      • Improve our reputation
      • Improve our competitiveness
      • Benchmark
      • Communicate the company´s impact
    • Ensure the fulfilment of the company´s international agreements for environment protection.
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