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Law for engineers

Since 2008, IBERDROLA has participated in a pioneering educational initiative with the coordination, editing and publication of several works related to law in the engineering sector. 

These publications, prepared in collaboration with the Engineers' Association of I.C.A.I., are designed to provide basic legal knowledge to engineers in any speciality in order to help them carry out their professional activity.

The first publication, launched in 2008, was the Legal Manual for Engineers, a work that has become a benchmark thanks to its overview of legal regulations, focusing on those aspects which are more useful to engineers.

Following the Manual’s excellent reception among the sector’s professionals, 2009 saw the publication of the first four Legal Journals for Engineers (I), which are designed to provide engineers in any speciality with the information on legal aspects they need to carry out their daily work. This first issue of the Journals was completed in 2010 with the Legal Journals for Engineers (II), four volumes focused on subjects that facilitate the activity of both companies and engineers. At the end of 2011, the Legal Journals for Engineers (III), five volumes on legal matters related to shareholders, investors and external agencies, minority shareholders, insolvency proceedings and the reform of the Penal Code, among others. The fourth delivery of Legal Journals for Engineers (IV), made up of five volumes, is focused on en legal issues relating to regulatory compliance, regulations, procedure law, and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The collection is completed with the latest delivery of Legal Journals for Engineers (V), made up of five volumes that deal with legal matters regarding the general forms, reforms in the financial market and securities market, corporate governance, reforms in the labour market in Spain, and professional companies. The last issue of Legal Journals for Engineers (VI) is made up of five volumes that deal with the following topics: mediation and other means of amicable settlement; sources and institutions of European Union law; structural changes of companies; entrepreneurs; and the legal framework of multi-Latinas.

The financial benefits generated by these works over the years are donated to Fundación Ingenieros ICAI para el DesarrolloNote (*) and reinvested in its Programa de Acceso a la Energía (Energy Access Programme), which includes various projects.

The publication of these works involves a commitment to bring the world of Law to the engineers. To this end, IBERDROLA offers the e-mail address in order to gather the opinions of the interested parties about the Legal Manual for Engineers and Legal Journals for Engineers and thus enable us to improve future editions.

For more information on the distribution of this manual, please consult the publishers' website: LA LEYNote (*).


(*) Spanish version.

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