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Renewable Energies Operation Center (CORE)

The Renewable Energy Operation Centre (CORE) in Toledo went into service in 2003. This is a pioneering initiative in the industry, both for the cutting-edge technology it uses and for its operation and scope. It is a real-time remote control, management and maintenance centre for all electric power generation facilities using renewable energy sources.

It is designed to optimise the technical management of the company’s facilities as well as their economic performance, thereby enhancing the quality of the renewable energy supplied to the grid. It provides service to wind farms and mini-hydro power stations, both in the Iberdrola Renewable Energy Business and for other developers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In September 2010, IBERDROLA commissioned its Renewable Energy Control Centre (CORE) in Portland, the most advanced renewable energy installation in the U.S., providing control and operation for nearly 800,000 signals from the Company’s 2,500 wind turbines in this country.

How to operate

The control system in each installation collects the main operational information from the generators and their associated substation. The control system is connected to the REOC through a remote communication channel, and therefore facilitates maintenance tasks.

The REOC receives this information and processes it into an organized and simplified structure that enables easyidentification and diagnosis of failures. This diagnosis triggers the appropriate actions for its solution: remote reset or activation of local maintenance teams. As a consequence, average down time decreases thus increasing availability.

Available services

The services and the experienced team of IBERDROLA's Energies Operation Center are available to any renewable energies developer:

Basic services

  • Full connection of the installation to the REOC.
  • Remote operation and control:
    • Monthly reporting of energy generated.
    • Energy invoicing to the distribution utility.
    • Multimedia alarm and status control. Identification, diagnosis and activation of corrective measures.

Advanced services

  • Video surveillance of facilities.
  • Prediction of energy generation based on weather forecasts (under development).
  • Advanced energy management, in coordination with the grid operator, to improve system stability and energy quality, using generation prediction and reactive power control (under development).
  • Web access to the Center’s services (under development).
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