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R&D in Other Areas


In 2014, SYSTEMS continued with the development of innovative projects which provide value to the business, enabling them to achieve a competitive advantage in the market and to increase productivity and efficiency. The main projects include the new treasury system backed up in the United States and the implantation of the smart counter data´s management system in Scotland.

In addition, SYSTEMS, promotes the development of innovation pilots in different geographies and businesses. In Brazil, it has been made the pilot "Smart TV”, a new communication channel with clients, which allows them to read their consumptions and bills through television.

In the United States, as a result of hurricanes and storms, the pilot “Storm Damage Assessment” has been developed, in collaboration with local agencies in New York (police, fire department, City Hall, medical services...) for the detection and the identification of the damage caused by adverse weather conditions in IBERDROLA´s facilities, combining the advantages of mobility and geolocation. In Scotland, two innovative projects have been launched, in order to promote the use of social networks and augmented reality in the distribution business.

In Engineering, three pilots projects have carried out, evaluating the productivity of Big Data in cloud, the use of smart tags (RFID) improving logistics in the delivery of materials in works and mobility tools and cloud for following-up the construction by a mobility solution in combined cycles.

In Business, Marketing area has experimented with "Gamification" in order to enhance the client virtual office al IBERDROLA´s web.

In Generation, and thinking on improving the maintenance processes management, a pilot project has carried out in order to improve end user productivity through a more configurable interface to reduce data entry time.

In Corporation, there are two pilots implemented, one; about 3D printing, supporting the initiative "PrintaBetterWorld" and another testing a mobility solution for the improvement of corporate processes flows.

In renewables, concept tests have been carried out, to calculate the predictive maintenance in real time on Big Data and to integrate telemetry data in wind turbines for wind farms with GIS.

In the cross-sectional area of infrastructure, technologies have been tested as BYOD (use of personal devices), memory storage (flash), integration of our ERP with collaboration spaces and tools for monitoring applications.

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