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R&D in Generation Area

Clean generation technologies

During 2014, IBERDROLA's R&D efforts in the generation area seek to optimise operating efficiency, increase safety and decrease the environmental impact.

  • Flexibility and operational efficiency and facility safety: it has been promoted FILTRACIONES project, focuses on the development of a new methodology for efficient inspections on water channels. Regarding the facility safety, have successfully completed the INSROCA, SIRO and ECRIGEN projects, which have been developed experimental prototypes and new methodologies which help ensure the structural integrity of the generation assets and maximize its life cycle.
  • In the area of nuclear generation, the most prominent projects are MIGRES and RESONUC.  The first one seeks to research and develop a new process of integrated management and control rod channels, which will allow a more sustainable management of them. RESONUC project focuses on the development of a technology solution to mitigate resonances in critical systems of nuclear power plants, in order to guarantee its optimal functionality as a significant element in the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants.
  • Environment: IBERDROLA continues its commitment to reduce the environmental impact in their generation plants, promoting the ambitious project called CO2FORMARE. The objective is to give a sustainable solution to the macrofouling problem which exists in the cooling systems of power plants and reduce the environmental impact not only in air emissions but also in the aquatic environment. In 2014, DESOx and COEBEN-II were successfully concluded. The last one, implemented at the Velilla del Rio Carrion,aimed at reducing NOx levels through the integration of non-catalytic technologies and the adequacy of our facilities to increasingly stringent environmental requirements, offering an alternative to high-cost commercial solutions. Yet this is not an isolated project; the technical knowledge obtained is also being applied to Longannet coal power station in Scotland and will also later be transferred to the Lada coal plant in Asturias, Spain. The DESOx project, developed in the Lada power plant, aims to increase the efficiency of the desulphurisation installation and to facilitate the recuperation of generated gypsum as a result of this process.

RETAIL AREA - New products and services

Innovation is essential in the retail area, in order to be able to offer customers products and services that are better suited to their needs, even by anticipating them.

IBERDROLA´s, effort in developing new products and service is continuous, highlighting the launch in 2014 of:

  • New products like energy deals 100% online Conect@. In addition a new customers App was launched in 2014. This App facilitates the management of energy and becomes an online channel of contact and information for our customers.
  • New services like the launch of Protección Eléctrica Hogar that provides security and tranquillity to customers due to the coverage of breakdowns in white goods and urgent faults in the electrical system of the building.

Moreover, IBERDROLA continues working on its commitment to electric mobility along the same line with its strategy for sustainable development and its commitment to innovation, developing new recharge services and participating in European R&D projects (Green Emotion, ICT4). Also, mention the participation in the European innovation project GRID4EU on smart grids, which provide customers real-time information of their electricity consumption and flexible rates slots in order to manage efficiently their consumption.


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