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R&D at the service of efficiency, sustainability and the development of new products and services.

Innovation is IBERDROLA’s primary tool for guaranteeing the Company’s sustainability, efficiency, and competitiveness. Efforts in R&D seek to optimize operating conditions, improve safety and reduce environmental impact. Also, through innovation, IBERDROLA seeks new business opportunities which may emerge in the energy sector. During 2014, €170 million were allocated to the R&D area, with initiatives in the fields of smart grids, clean generation, offshore wind and new technologies and business models.

As a result of its continued commitment to innovation, IBERDROLA has been recognized as the most innovative utility in Spain and fourth in Europe according to the European Commission ranking.

IBERDROLA Ventures - PERSEO corporate venture capital programme invests in disruptive technologies and business to ensure the sustainability of the energy model. 2014 includes the Silicon Valley QBotix entry into the capital of the company and the launch of the Open Innovation Ventures program in order to collaborate with IBERDROLA technology suppliers. The first activity of this programme has been the establishment of GDES Tech4Services, an agreement between IBERDROLA and the technological partner Grupo Dominguis in order to develop new technologies for the operation and maintenance in the electricity sector.

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Innovation Programme for Suppliers (*)

Aracnocopter Eol6, an unmanned drone by Arbórea Intellbird.

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